Pepijn Straatman

Pepijn studied Clinical Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and also finished a Masters in Research Methodology. Currently he works as a test publisher and researcher.

Since Pepijn’s mom was a lifelong diabetic, Pepijn spent much of his childhood visiting hospitals and clinics with, and for, his mom. Needless to say, Pepijn always had a fascination for this horrible illness and it’s comorbidities/ complications.

In 2016 Pepijn started devoting himself to studying diabetes and it’s comorbidities closer, for a research proposal, wanting to spend the rest of his life researching this topic. He found it particularly fascinating that during stress and high blood sugar levels it would take longer for diabetic wounds to heal, with the inflammation seemingly intensifying.

Upon this basic insight, Pepijn gradually developed an innovative theory, which he framed The LEA-axis®.

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