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For example:

*Help fill out the LEA Score questionnaire to provide us with data so we can test the theory! Go to mobile app.

*Do you work in a clinic or university? Or are you a specialist in the field of biochemistry/ physiology/ (bone) metabolism or depression? Sign up as a partner-in-science to help further the research with your expertise or facilities!

*Or perhaps you’re just curious and you would like to find out more? Maybe you’d even like to have a presentation by Pepijn? Then please hit the button.

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A low entry point to preliminary testing of the LEA-axis would be filling out the questionnaire in the LEA Score app.

In case the LEA Score science theory is correct; scoring on this questionnaire by the participant ought to give an indication --a signal value-- as to his/ her potential severity of low-grade chronic inflammation and 'SAD', or Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

The signal value is tied to whether the participant is on course for outlooks atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.

Objectives are to: a) Psychometrically test the LEA Score questionnaire b) Set-up LEA Score research clusters.

Thus, for this (preliminary) research partners (CLICK HERE) are welcome who are able to effect facilities or key elements benefitting the LEA Score research. Cooperations are desired to find out what's most effective for both partners.

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LEA Research science & breakthroughs…

* Innovative lipid reconfiguration during dietary restriction

* Why psychology can contribute to bodily inflammation.

* How diabetes and bone metabolism issues are connected.

* How faulty bone metabolism is linked to vascular plaque build-up.


If the results of the collected data initially corroborate the LEA-axis theory, hypotheses and assumptions; a longitudinal study may be an option.

In addition to the research and questionnaire, preparations must be made for --at a later stage-- possible blood sample collections for lab testing or clinical investigations, IMT/ PWV measures, glycemic index effects, observations on vascular-, neurological- and cellular level.

Partners who would like to help facilitate any of these elements are much appreciated.

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Target groups

Do you know of any possible participants; i.e. people who would like to fill out the LEA Score questionnaire®?

Desired participants in these LEA-axis studies are:

- Adolescents aged 18-25 years; Adults aged 46-53 years; Senior citizens aged 67-74 years; ‘Senior +’ aged 81-88 years;

- Participants or patients with (latent) vascular and/ or (bone) metabolic problems;

- In contrast to the latter group: Participants with no known (latent) vascular and/ or insulin and/ or (bone) metabolic problems;

- Participants with depression, stress, (social) anxiety.

Who does LEA Score benefit?

After you receive your LEA Score, you have an option to forward this to your doctor, care provider, pharmacist...Whatever digital infrastructure you want to connect it to.

And THIS will help care providers and clinics cause they will have cost-free extensive preliminary pre-signaling at their disposal thru LEA Score.

This can give a wealth of information to them about you, the client, without any time or effort on their part. It can help them to streamline additional testing and pinpoint interventions, while cutting health care costs along the way, and making tailored care more time efficient too.

And finally, all of this will help me make this life improving LEA research happen in a low-threshold manner. Step-by-baby-step.

LEA calling!

Do you work in a clinic, a university? Or are you a specialist in the field of biochemistry/ physiology/ (bone) metabolism or depression? Then sign up as a partner to help further the research with your expertise!

For instance, have your clients fill out the app: The client can get an almost instant and cost-cutting insight into psycho-metabolic problems, you can get a wealth of data for free, and I can psychometrically analyze the clients data for the LEA research, which in turn will help refine the LEA Score app, helping you again. That’s a multi-win right there!

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LEA Research science & breakthroughs…

* How specific diet can intensify inflammation.

* Why dietary restriction is beneficial to woundhealing.

* How vitamin D synthesis and insulin sensitivity are linked to all this.

We can get to scientific breakthroughs, Together with LEA Score!

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